Concordium ID: Install the app

By reading this section and the following Concordium ID sections, you will get an overview of the basic functionality of the app. If you have never used Concordium ID or similar apps, this is a good place to get started.

The ConcordiumID app is available for Android and iOS phones. Depending on what platform you are using, the way of installing the app differs slightly.

Installation on Android

Installation requirements: Android 8 or newer.

  1. Download the Concordium ID APK to your phone.

  2. You may see a warning about downloading the .apk-file. If you are asked whether you want to keep the .apk-file, press OK.

  3. After opening the .apk-file, you may see a warning saying that your phone is not allowed to install apps from this source. Press Settings, toggle Allow from this source and go back.

  4. You are now asked if you want to install the application. Press Install.

Installation on iOS

Installation requirements: iOS 13 or newer.

Installing the Concordium ID app on iOS requires installation of Apple’s TestFlight app, which is used to distribute beta versions of iOS apps.

  1. Install TestFlight via App Store.

  2. Join our TestFlight beta program via your iPhone (it works best if you click the link directly on your iPhone), and follow the steps shown in there, to add Concordium ID to TestFlight.

  3. Open the TestFlight app on your iPhone and install Concordium ID.

Support & Feedback

If you run into any issues or have suggestions, post your question or feedback on Discord, or contact us at